Project 2 – Decorative Box – Due: 3/8/22

For this project, we were tasked with modeling a decorative box and providing a turntable video view of it. I chose to follow the tutorial from the Maya textbook and make a few different adjustments, including adding velvet texture to the decorative, placing the box on a table, and placing everything in a room. Below are a number of pictures showing the original tutorial box and the changes that I made.

Original Box Video
Finished Box Video
Final Project Animation

After quite a bit of rendering an playing around with Maya, we finally got the final animation to come together. Part of the reason it took so long was because of the problems we were having with rendering. Arnold rendering was not working on Sofia’s computer, and then we started to see the watermark when I tarted to render. We realized that Arnold recently decided to require a license to render without a watermark. And all this was after we got Maya to stop crashing when trying to render. The project was filled with issues and some of the videos were not the quality we wanted, but I still think the animation looks nice, and flows somewhat coherently.