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Original Tutorial Video
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02/ 16/ 22 – Project 1 – Planet Animation

Hello there! My name is Daniel Duany and I am currently taking CSCI 417 - Computer Animation at William and Mary. For my first assignment, I was tasked with following the tutorial in our Maya textbook to build an animation of our solar system. Additionally, I was tasked with making three changes to this tutorial just to play around with the software. My three changes are as follows: 

From left to right: Added planetary textures to some planets and the moons; Threw Jupiter’s orbit out of whack from the rest of the planets; Created space dust that flow out of Saturn to create a ring of debris

I also included the starting part of the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey to really match the subject.  Though following along with the tutorial was a little bit of a struggle, getting to paly around with Maya, do my own research on how to make certain things work, and seeing all of it come together was pretty cool.